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Booth 68 at The Old Town Square Antique Mall

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Booth 68 is located on the first floor of the Antique Mall


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The items selected for this antique booth contain a distinctness all their own.   Take for instance this panther lamp (circa 1950) and its leopard print shade.
Welcome to a virtual tour of Colours, a unique shopping experience where you'll find items that are colorful in more ways than one. 

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Available at this booth:
- cookie jars

- unique tea pots and vases
- Orientalia
- large antique dinner bell

- small furniture
- sets of dishes
- sprinkling cans

The Old Town Square Antique  Mall
Downtown Crown Point, IN
103 West Joliet Street
(219) 662-1219

Hours:  Monday-Saturday 10am - 5pm

Sunday 12pm - 5pm

To order merchandise, contact us on the internet at
Please be sure to specify booth 68.


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