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When you visit the second story of The Old Town Square Antique Mall, you'll find there are treasures abound. 

This second floor is a unique setting, full of the antiques you've been looking for.

Booth 70 
at The Old Town Square Antique Mall
in Crown Point, Indiana

If you have a flair for nostalgia, you're sure to appreciate the antiques and collectibles available at Booth 70 of The Antique Mall.
At Booth 70 you'll find a terrific variety of both old and new collectibles.  Here's just a sampling of the items available at Cheryl Cunningham's Booth 70:

Coca-Cola collectibles
Advertising memorabilia
Unique 50's style items
Antique toys (including 1930's Pinocchio pull toy)

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Pictured here are just a few of the unique and fine specialties available at  Booth 70.  If you are interested in ordering an item by mail, contact the dealer at .

The Old Town Square Antique  Mall
Downtown Crown Point, IN
103 West Joliet Street
(219) 662-1219

Hours:  Monday-Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm


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