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Crown Point Resident Profiles

The attractive buildings, festive events, and rich history are not the only treasures in Crown Point; there are also the people.

Resident Profiles takes a closer look at some of Crown Point’s cherished citizens.

This month's resident feature:
Wilbur Heidbreder

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Few people have more attachment and involvement with Crown Point than Wilbur Heidbreder. This constant resident of Crown Point was born to the city in 1907 and continues as a vital member of the Crown Point community.

Numerous people have Wilbur Heidbreder to thank. They may not be aware of what he’s done for the city, but he’s certainly one to be credited for the preservation of Crown Point’s greatest landmark and the historic nature of the city.

Imagine all the people who have visited Crown Point and remarked on what a treasure The Old Lake County Courthouse is. Surely every one of these people who has laid eyes on the grand structure would be surprised that at one time there was a real threat to have the courthouse torn down and replaced by a parking lot.
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The Old Lake County Courthouse
Wilbur Heidbreder was President of the Lake Court House Foundation, Inc., and though the threat of losing the historic courthouse has passed, certainly many can thank this man and others foundation members for their constant work toward saving The Old Courthouse.

Heidbreder’s parents came to Crown Point, Indiana in 1905. Hired as teacher of religion, the two made a home in the residential portion (downstairs and lower level) of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. (This building no longer stands. A new Lutheran Church was built at another location.)

Wilbur’s family immigrated from Germany. He recalls overcoming difficulty with language barriers as a youth. He made friends, he jokes "through some type of sign language" until he acquired the English language.
There is also, on Heidbreder’s part, a deep appreciation of his growing-up years. He had one brother who was born five years after his birth and a sister who was born during the year he graduated from high school (see photo of school). wpe3F.gif (64724 bytes)
The Old Crown Point High School
Times especially endearing to him were the extended visits at his maternal grandfather’s home in Quincy, Illinois. He still reminisces about his admiration of his grandfather’s activity with politics and work as editor of the German Daily paper.

Also, Heidbreder is glad to reminisce about his years of service at The First National Bank of Crown Point. Long time serving as the Vice President of the bank, Heidbreder began his service as a part-time employee. He explains of his being hired that he "just did his banking there" and was one day "button-holed" for employment by Paul Brown. That event in1944 led to service until1974, the 100th anniversary of the bank.

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