The Best Haunted House... ect

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The Best Haunted House... ect

Postby WallyWorld Girl » Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:06 pm

This halloween the community should offer a contest for the most spooktacular decorations our neiborhoods can dream of. A few years ago there was a family off of summit. Over the top in the spirit of halloween! It was like a haunted house that others pay 20 bucks to walk through after driving for a hour. I wish i knew his name because it was fantastic. Have the trolley map a site of the best houses and have the northwest indiana ghost trackers be involved.

OCTOBERFEST-sat-8th....chili cookoff. Call 661-2271 to registar

"Do you believe your chili could contend with the Big Boys?".....You'll never know unless you try :shock:
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