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Feature Stories for Thursday, June 21, 2001

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Tap fee draws concern

By Sean McNab
Star Staff Writer

CEDAR LAKE - The Town Council released the town's new sewer tap-in rates June 12.
    On the advice of town accountant H.J. Umbaugh & Associates, the new tap-in rate for residential and business construction will be $1,655, a more than threefold increase of the previous rate of $500.
    Upset at the proposed increase, Jack Kovich, developer of the Havenwood subdivision located within the town, questioned the members of the council as to the legality of the increase.
    "I do not know why there is such a steep increase from the previous rate," complained Kovich. "I'm wondering if you will be creating an illegal impact fee."
    Town Attorney David Austgen countered Kovich stating that the increase is comparable to other entities in the state.
    "This increase is analogous with the other rates of cities and towns throughout the state of Indiana," commented Austgen.
    Kovich warned the members of the council that the Builder's Association and representatives from the state keep a close eye on tap-in fees within the state.
    "The Builder's Association is always looking at town and city regulated tap-in fees and if there is no baring for the increase the price may have to be changed. The Builder's Association is always continuously looking throughout the state to find a town or city to contend with."

    A public hearing on the proposed increase is scheduled for the June 26 Town Council meeting at 7 p.m.
    In other news, town resident John Alessia questioned the Town Council as to why there is presently no proposed ordinance requiring landlords to do regular repairs on rental units surrounding the lake.
    "Twenty-five percent of the people in this town rent homes but the landlords never seem to repair the homes when they need to. Is there any type of ordinance in the books that mandates having these places inspected and maintained up to code?"
    Town Council President Robert Brannon explained to Alessia that there has never been an ordinance to make sure rentals are inspected for safety.
    "No one has ever proposed such an ordinance but we can have the Plan Commission look into it. I know that most of the landlords in the town are not licensed by the state. I can say that I have no patience with landlords that do not take care of their buildings."


City OK's changing of Gard's

By Andrew Steele
Star Managing Editor

CROWN POINT - The Historic District Board of Review last week approved plans for the exterior renovation of the old Gard's Speed Clean at 299 East St.
    Owner Don Gard will lease the building to a communications company that will use it as a relay station.
Petitioner Art Ouellette told the board at its June 13 meeting that the sensitivity of the communications equipment requires filling in the windows on the south side of the building in order to maintain a consistent temperature.
    "We don't want any water, any sunlight in the building we can't control," Ouellette said.
    The board discussed using glass block instead of cinder block, but Ouellette said he would still need to paint the inside of the glass block to keep sunlight out.
    Board members decided to approve filling the windows with cinder block in exchange for the planting of flowers in a small strip of dirt along the building.
    The very front of the building won't be used for communications equipment, so those windows will stay.
    Besides the change to the south side windows, the stairs on the back side of the building, and the door they lead to, will be removed; the roof will be replaced; and the building will be painted.
    Ouellette said no color scheme has been chosen for the building, so the board set up a committee to approve colors when a decision has been made by the petitioner.


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