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Plan board approves plat proposal

By Sean McNab
Star Staff Writer

CROWN POINT - Jack Kovich, owner of Stillwater Properties, petitioned before the Plan Commission a public hearing for primary plat approval of 129 single family lots on the northeast end of the subdivision.
     Two troubling issues were brought to Kovich's attention.
     "As can be seen in the drawing, there is no access outlet to the south. Why is that?" asked Plan Commission President Patt Patterson.
     "Through the guidance of my engineers and the Town Engineer Jeff Bann, we came to the conclusion that it was not practical to create an access road over an area of wetland," explained Kovich.
     Presently the Stillwater Subdivision has three access roads in and out of the subdivision - one on the easternmost side of the properties, one off of U.S. 231, and one exiting from Briar Creek.
     "I really don't like this plan. If it were up to me there would definitely be more access roads but it seems that all possible outlets in the subdivision are in or near areas of wetland," stated Plan Commission member Robert Corbin.
     The proposed access road will run through Rainy Brook Way easterly, connecting to Delaware Street.
     The most ideal situation would be to have an outlet traversing through the "old Schmidt property" on the southern end.
     "We have attempted many times to try to purchase that farmland but negotiations were at a standstill. We felt that it was in the best interest of both parties to have someone else possibly purchase the property," commented Kovich.
     Patterson mentioned that times are changing to more "enclosed" subdivisions.
     "I come from an "open" era were people in subdivisions knew one another. Subdivisions now are much more segregated with less ingress-egress and less access into subdivisions. At times, it poses problems for entry of police and fire departments but monetarily it is more marketable for the city.
     "Plan Commission member Bob Rees voiced concern as to what will be done to the excess traffic exiting on State Route 8.
     "I have had contact with the Indiana Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the situation is being taking care of. This is a very dangerous intersection," responded Plan Assistant Attorney Robert Kuzman.David 
     Hubinger, whose is north of the Stillwater Subdivision, wondered if there was adequate retention for water.
     "Being that I am in direct connection with Beaver Dam Ditch, what will happen to water retention with the creation of these new lots?"
     Bann responded, "There is approximately 20 acres of storage allocated for this property. Moreover, because there are wetlands that creates additional storage. Presently, there are three detention ponds that create plenty of onsite detention. It took Mr. Kovich and I four to six months to come up with this solution and it was approved by both the city and county."
     Jack Slager, Vice-President of Hawk Development (HD), stated at the end of the petition that HD has an option to possibly purchase the 100 acre "Schimdt Farm" that was previously mentioned.
     "I have spoke to Mr. Kovich a few times and we want to have a good working relationship with them. There may be a possibility that Stillwater could gain access to the south if negotiations went right."
     The petition was approved unanimously 6-0.

Tentative contract over CP schools

By Christopher C. Paine
Star Staff Writer

CROWN POINT - A tentative agreement between the Crown Point School Board and the Teacher's Association was announced by Crown Point School Superintendent H. Steve Sprunger at Monday night's school board meeting.
     While the Teacher's Association still had to ratify the agreement on Wednesday evening and the School Board on Friday morning, Sprunger seemed confident about the agreement.
     "There were areas where we found considerable mutual agreement," Sprunger said.
     According to Sprunger, many of the details had been ironed out last week. While nothing specific about the new contract had been mentioned, it a source suggested that it would be a three-year contract.
     The school board also approved the appointment of Melinda Bateman as the new principal of Lake Street elementary school.
     Bateman comes from Naft Elementary School in Michigan City. She has served in Michigan City for the last four years as an elementary principal. She has been involved with planning district activities, worked professional development teams, thematic instruction and district level cirriculum instruction.
    Prior to her service in the Michigan City School Corporation, she served as a teacher in the Duneland School Corporation.
     Bateman was approved by a majority vote of the school board.
     In other business, the Crown Point school board voted to approve a bid for Video Distribution Systems by Infotech who turned in a bid of $173,563.A contact for services to cover the four elementary schools will be formalized this week.


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